Oblio (actually Olivia)
Oblio Crew Look
General Information


Male (actually female)





Hair Color:

Dark Blue

Eye Color:

(blue... then it went to brown [honestly what kind of species is he])

Marital Status:

Single ( jk married to K***h [notgonnaexposewhoops][first and last letter exposed yes])


December 25 (Unknown Year [actually 1993])


(Probably 6')


(Obee, Obs, Lio, Crablio, Obee-Dobee [rip])
Other Information


M.O.C (Murder of Crows)


No (In DC) & Yes (In DC3)


Dance Central

Dance Central 3




Oblio is one of the dancers in the game Dance Central & Dance Central 3.


His hobbies include art,poetry,sport bikes & solitude. He doesn't have a favorite movie because he said "A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet - Orson Welles. [1]


He has 3 confirmed outfits(*). Dystopia, Gearhead (Gearhead is an unlockable and is unlocked by getting 25 stars with Oblio), and a Motorcycle Helmet costume. The last one is gained through a cheat.

  • Dystopia: His outfit is a black leather jacket with two straps in the front and gold shoulder pads that connect from the back. In the back of the jacket, it has a symbol of a crow and says "The End Of Competition". He also has skinny jeans and black shoes.
  • Gearhead: His look has sunglasses, a blue-violet tank top, fishnet undergarment, black leather pants with some design that looks like paddings, a fishnet glove on his left hand & sneakers with a color like his top. On his top on the front, from the concept art from (the second to the last) sketchbook series of Dance Central . , it said "Crash Symphony" (I'm basing this from the concept art because for me, in the game it isn't clear what it says).
  • Motorcycle Helmet Costume: This is just the Dystopia outfit, added a motorcycle helmet (Obviously it's on his head). It is unlocked by entering (with an Xbox 360 controller) on the title screen B, left, up, then right(x2).

(*)It was once rumored that the Pink ninja, also known as 'Ttiw Tolrep', was an outfit for Oblio. It was then answered in DC 2 when the Pink Ninja returned to the game and has an official name, which is Shinju.


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