"It's your boy, DJ MacCoy! Che-Che-Check out these moves!"

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MacCoy (DC3)

|Gender = Male |Race = Human |Marital Status = Single |Birthday = 8/24/1995 |Occupation(s) = Dancer |Nickname = The Real Deal (fries, coy, maccoyrons, mini mac, 73847 many more) |Hair Color = Blonde |Crew = [[D-Coy]] |Unlockable = No (Dance Central) Yes (Dance Central 3) |Appearances = [[Dance Central]] [[Dance Central 3]] |Outfits = Sunday Best (DC Classic) Stylehead<br> Under Control|Age = 20|Eye Color = Green}} MacCoy (Pronounced McCoy) is one of the dancers in [[Dance Central]]. After being absent in Dance Central 2, he returns in [ Dance Central 3]. He is shown as The "Real" Deal. ==Description== Some of his hobbies include mad skillz on the dance floor and always driving the ladies wild. His favorite movie is Fallen Angels 7: Return to Reform School. As suggested by his voice mail message, which can be heard in the character select mode, he was raised by his grandmother. <references />[] ==Outfits== ===Dance Central=== He has two outfits. They are called Sunday Best & Stylehead. (Stylehead is an unlockable outfits and is unlocked by getting 25 stars total with MacCoy) '''Sunday Best Outfit''': Round orange goggles, drak and light gray jacket with the zipper half zipped, tan pants and dark gray shoes. '''Stylehead outfit''': Same round orange goggles; black and gray headphones; green and white striped headband; yellow & orange jacket with green bands, the zipper of the jacket half zipped with blue shirt partially exposed; green pants' black and gray knee pad on his right knee only and white sneakers with dark green laces. ===Dance Central 2=== MacCoy does not reappear in [[Dance Central 2]]. However, he does appear on a poster in the train of Lowdown venue. in that poster,he is in his Stylehead outfit. ===Dance Central 3=== Despite not appearing in Dance Central 2, he does appear in Dance Central 3,just not physically. He is shown with Dare on a screen with questions marks all around them. On the screen he is also wearing his Stylehead outfit but it is more updated to Dance Central 3's graphics. Although you can unlock MacCoy to play, you can't unlock him in Story Mode. Other Info Height- "5.9" "Love my Grandmothers Cooking". ==Gallery== <gallery> MacCoy.jpg|MacCoy original look IMG_0006.PNG|MacCoy's Under Control Outfit IMG_0007.PNG|MacCoy's Crew Look </gallery> ==References== 1. [[Category:Dancers]]