Hi-Def Crew





The Subway
The Hi-Def Crew is one of the featured crews on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3


The Hi-Def Crew is represented by Mo, a character from Dance Central,Dance Central 2, and Dance Central 3 & Glitch, a character in Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. The Crew is presented as a B-Boy Crew who is good at both street dancing and pop-locking. The crew's primary color is neon rainbow (various/mixed colors).

The Subway is the crew's primary venue.


Dance Central

NOTE: These songs are defaulted prior to the crew's formation and Glitch's appearance.

D = DLC Song

Dance Central 2

D = DLC Song

S = Story Mode song

C = Challenge Song in the Story Mode

I & Ch = Imported and Changed the default character

Dance Central 3

D = DLC Song

S = Story Mode song

S w C = Story Mode song with Craze Moves

Cr = Craze Song in the Story Mode

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